Shot to Death, 2014, New York

Brief description The Installation Sculpture 96"x 60"x 6" is a visually duplicated blocked door, beside the blocked door is a wall painted space that reveals a Black Brown Bloody Reddish imaginary door painted on the wall. 1 - The Door 96" x 60" x 6" 2 - Wall painted with an imaginay door (color space attached). 85" x 50" The action begins by replacing the color and painting it on the wall as it originally was before. When looking at from the other side, it was possible to see through an unblocked hollow space door, a Black Brown Bloody Reddish covered with a vanilla color on the actual physical door. By covering the Black Brown Bloody Reddish physical door with a white Vanilla color on top, It ultimately becomes blinded and blocked in an unseeing space Such blinded color space is now being replaced in place where it originally was, and what was possible to be seen when the hollow door entrance was not blocked is now a blinded space.

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